When I was sculpturing in marble my aim was always to touch the limits of what is possible, regarding both material and subject matter. Following my inner images, my shapes try to convey the borderline between interior and exterior, body and soul. They show intuitively formed atomic structures which I have not expressly searched for.

In my work I try to let my inner universe take shape in the outside world. There´s a continuous questioning and filtering until my intentions are reflected in all their purity and clarity in my sculpture.

Form for me means shaping a deliberate gesture from a spontaneous impulse, thus freezing the inner reality of a given moment – ideally encompassing all dimensions, the emotional, the intellectual and the spiritual. Shapes that arise from an inner stillness and lead back into tranquillity.

Atelier in Monchique - Portugal

The Making of a Marble Sculpture

The making of a marble sculpture - 13